Tuesday morning much of northeast Mississippi will wake up in the upper to mid-30s a few locations may still dip near the freezing mark overnight with very dry air still being in plentiful supply.

Tuesday afternoon will be a near repeat performance with the exception that temperatures are likely to climb a few additional degrees during the afternoon. This again will be thanks to a southerly breeze. High during the afternoon will range from the middle to upper-60s.

Meanwhile to the northwest, a weakening front will be nearing from the northwest. This front will be nearing northwest Mississippi throughout the day Tuesday and during the night and overnight hours. This initial front will not reach the area, but a secondary low-pressure will develop along the initial front. It is this second system, that will bring us our chances for rain as we head into late-Wednesday evening through Thursday morning.

Recent frontal systems have struggled to produce much if any rainfall across the state. This one may stand a slightly better chance, but there are some questions. For instance: will there be enough moisture return in advance of the front? Where does this secondary low-pressure develop? How strong will this secondary system be? All these questions will determine how much rainfall occurs Wednesday overnight into Thursday morning.

On the backside of the front temperatures are expected to remain a few degrees cooler for Thursday afternoon in the middle-60s. By Friday skies will be mostly clear once again with temperature perhaps lingering in the upper-50s to lower-60s.
The weekend looks dry and pleasant another great one for outdoor adventures.